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According to the Kenya police statistics report, road crashes can be attributed to the following three factors:-

  1. Human error                    - 85%
  2. State of the road              - 5%
  3. State of the vehicle        - 10%

We realize that road traffic crashes can be drastically reduced by addressing the above factors. Though human error carriers the highest percentage, it is also preventable by conscious change of road users’ behavior. This includes creating and enforcing laws governing speed limits, alcohol impairment and use of seat belts and child restraints and formulating and implementing transport and land use policies that encourage safety.

As a nongovernmental organization, we have set up evidence based interventions that will promote road safety while promoting road users positive behavioral change. These programs include:-

  1. School children road safety program
  2. Online crash victims community
  3. Motorcycle driver safety (helmet use)
  4. Advocacy and policy change on road safety infrastructure
  5. Road data collection and research centre.

School Safety Program

Project Purpose:

The school children road safety program is based on the commitment that no child should ever have to negotiate dangerous traffic on his or her way to or from school. In 2009 and 2011 the human (driver/cyclist) error was singled out as a major cause of road accidents in the country. Pedestrians below the age of 24 years account for 41% -75% of the all road deaths in Kenya. Over 9,300 children are involved in road traffic accidents annually and the number continues to rise. Every year young lives that are lost on the road primarily due to incidents that are highly reflective of our poor discipline and negative attitude on the roads. Children are at a vulnerable Read more



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